CSL DD disconnected once the steering wheel was attached

Has anyone facing this issue too currently?

Just unbox my CSL DD today and the moment i turn it on along with driver 412 none of the fanatec products were detected from the property page

CSL DD and CSL LC Pedal were detected as long as the steering wheel is not being attached Prior to that i was able to upgrade all latest firmware except steering wheel.

The moment I attached the steering wheel it will disconnect the CSL DD straight away...

I have tried with another steering wheel that i had which result same issue still...


  • I have the same issue. I was able to update all the firmware. Marcel recommended to check the alignment of the QR shaft. As well as the tightness of the clamp. I was able to reseat mine and while it worked for a bit. It started disconnecting again (buttons would stop working). So, I'm waiting to hear from support to RMA mine. Try to reseat your QR shaft.

  • Did anyone find a solution for this? I just unboxed my DD and have the same issue. I got everything updated but the second I get the wheel on the base it loses connection with my PC.

  • I'm having the exact same issue as you. As soon as I power on the wheel base (with a steering wheel attached) it does its calibration, then connects to my PC for a split second followed by immediately disconnecting. I've tried the following fixes to no avail:

    • Different USB ports on my PC (both USB 2.0 and 3.0). Though I've had no issues with this PC and my CSL Elite wheel base.
    • Turning USB power management on and off
    • Two different Fanatec wheels (Mclaren V2 and a CSL Elite PS4)
    • Can't seem to put it into compatibility mode as in order to do that the wheel base needs to be communicating with the steering wheel
    • 411, 412 and 415 drivers (each time properly uninstalled and reinstalled)
    • If I turn the base on without a wheel attached and then attach a steering wheel it occasionally, briefly sends power to the steering wheel if I press it on really hard but as soon as I tighten the quick release lite (Mclaren V2) it disconnects itself
    • When attempting to use my CSL Elite PS4 wheel which requires the set screw to be tightened I noticed that the holes don't correctly line up when the steering wheel is on the base (see picture attached) which leads me to believe that there's some sort of a manufacturing defect with the quick release shaft on the wheel base itself. If the steering wheel could go onto the wheel base by another 0.5-1mm that would probably solve the issue (just a guess).

    Please let me know if you end up finding a fix and I'll do the same.


    I've started the RMA process for my CSL DD. Before doing so I measured the shaft length on both my CSL Elite wheel base and my new CSL DD wheel base. As suspected the DD wheel base shaft is roughly 1mm longer than the CSL Elite wheel base shaft. This would explain why if I push my steering wheel (either wheel) onto the CSL DD wheel base really firmly and hold it there the pins make contact and there's a signal sent from the wheel base to the steering wheel. However as soon as I'm no longer pushing firmly or I tighten the quick release lite clamp the steering wheel immediately disconnects from the wheel base.

  • Great news!!!

    Had the issue myself just now!!!

    It's an easy fix despite the 3 heart attacks I felt since my DD is just 3 days old.

    Just untighten the shaft clamp and push the silver shaft in and you'll hear the click, it's just a USBtype C behind that and disconnects when the shaft moves forward from FFB.

    I hope I saved some serious time for all and stress level can drop down to 0

  • UPDATE!!!

    the issue is still there!! o will have to contact support since the main shaft moves no matter how tough i screw the nut

  • What did you eventually do? I seem to have the same problem no matter how hard I tighten the screw after a day or 2 the wheel slides out.

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    I had the same issue. When my friend and I tested another wheel and it connected just fine . So what we did after trying all the options on the internet and having no luck was take the steering wheel apart down to all the connections on the circuit board. All we did was simply disconnect everything from the circuit board and reconnect them, then put the wheel back together. Once we did this everything worked. My guess is one of the connections came loose during shipping and just needed to have the connection firmed up. So the issue was with the wheel and not the DD. Hope this helps anyone else having this issue.

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