Clubsport v2.5 randomly switching to xbox mode, full throttle during races :/


Been having this issue for a while now.

When using my Clubsport v2.5 wheelbase, with the ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal Hub for Xbox One, sometimes it randomly switches to Xbox mode, causing the wheel to disconnect from the PC, the steering to go fully left and the pedals to go to 100%. It usually happens when turning harder right, especially at chicanes.

This leads me to think that likely something is loose within the universal hub, although I've checked and everything looks tight. Another thought is maybe power delivery and peak torque output, maybe the supply can't output the power required?

This has been quite a big problem as the main requirement of the wheel is to be reliable, it has happened in endurance races multiple times and I'm not sure what to do.

I have tried numerous things to solve this:

  • Tighten bolts inside the hub adapter and the wheel shaft
  • Upgrade all Fanatec equipment to latest firmware
  • All pins are straight and clean
  • USB is plugged directly into computer

I have also contacted support, all of the kit is still in warranty. I ordered it from the US and live in Asia. When asking them about it, they asked if I could send them the wheel to look at. This is problematic as I need it to compete in the weekly series that I race in, but also the cost of sending it is incredibly expensive. Secondly, they mentioned that they do not make ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal Hub for Xbox One so they would be unlikely to get parts for it. Finally, they suggested that I just 'buy a new wheel'.

Does anyone have recommendations for how I might be able to fix this myself, or if not, have further suggestions regarding approaching Fanatec regarding the warranty?

Many thanks and let me know if additional information is needed.


  • Some log, not sure if related.

    Endor FW Forcefeedback Driver

    Build: Apr 1 2020 13:58:50

    Call : 9/4/2021 18:16:16

    SystemInfo PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_AMD64 (x64 - AMD or Intel)

    OSVersionInfo Version Number = 6.2

    OSVersionInfo Operating System =

    OSVersionInfo CSD Version =

    ** FW-FFB Error tracing for M:\iRacing\iRacingSim64DX11.exe **


    CFAWForceFeedback::DeviceID Failed! DIERR_DEVICENOTREG


  • The CSP and CSL bases have a wheel hotkey combination that switches the unit into Xbox mode. Check your manual (and you might need to check your wheel's XBOX version button layout) to make sure you aren't keying the mode switch accidentally.

    I used to have this happen during a race, was nightmare.

  • ahh interesting, how did you avoid it in the future? just awareness? I'm pretty sure I'm not pressing or some how triggering it but I dont know how to prove it.

    is there simply a way to disable xbox mode all together?

  • I have the exact same issue & looking for solutions

  • Mine is doing this as well, switches from PC to XBOX in middle of race. And no, I'm not "accidentally hitting hot keys". As usual, no support from Fanatec, who are as bad as Hewlett Packard.

  • Same here. Happened a couple of times when I had out of date firmware. Updated everything and it was fine for a bit. But it just happened again. Really annoying. I only use iRacing (not sure if others are in the same sim). But same issue. Full throttle and full left hand lock kills my race.

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