CSW V2 high pitch noise (coil while?)

Hello everyone!

My wheel base is producing this high pitch noise and I did some research I found out that it is thing called coil whine. Apparently it is very common thing for electrical components.

However I have reach out to Fanatec support with description and video of the issue and I was informed that maybe my wheel base has bad PCBA or maybe temp- sensor is defective, but I think that support response was driven because I added that fans are not spinning whole time while playing, but they only kick out sometimes while playing for longer sessions. I figured that is OK since I am not playing with strong FF settings and I am currently playing F1 game which does not require high FF like Rally game for example. The base is never hot, and I am pretty sure that it does not have any issue with overheating. Side fan (intake) and rear fan (exhaust) are working just fine when base is turned on and calibrating so I wouldnt say they are defective

Also, I asked if they have some kind of trade in program because I was looking to upgrade to CSL DD, but I got response that they dont take defective units and the mentioned noise indicates a coming defect, soon or later.They also suggested to send base for service inspection and repair if needed.

Does anyone have same experience? Should I send base for inspection or this is normal behaviour?

Here is video so you can hear what I am talking about:



  • Your best bet is to work with Fanatec on resolving the issue. Taking it to a third party is an option but if it is still under warranty I would avoid that.

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