DD2 QR flex/play Question

So I have a DD2 on order - currently have a CSW2.5.

To my horror, I am seeing videos all over youtube with significant amounts of play in the QR of the DD2/1 wheelbases.

This seems unacceptable. Has this been fixed or improved with later Fanatec models, such as an update to the QR system on the base side.

I am considering cancelling of the order as it appears to be excessive movement, which would dampen some of the FFB coming through. When you spend this much money on a wheelbase, nothing but perfection is acceptable in my book.

Thoughts/comments on this....thanks.


  • Still present. Affects some wheels more than others due to loose tolerances on the wheel side and base side QR. I'm sure you have some play on your CSW too although it may be minimal. A new QR was scheduled for release months ago but wasn't. No news on that.

  • Like Gagaryn said, some wheels / bases have it more than other. My DD2 and Formula V2 have zero play, i used the Podium Porsche wheel from a friend of mine a few weeks ago, same story. On his DD1 however the Podium Porsche wheel has a tiny bit of play that can be eliminated when using the "locking screw / bolt" that comes with the DD1/2 to secure the wheel a bit more on the shaft of the base.

    Using that screw eliminates almost (if not all) play between wheel and base, yes it makes the QR a bit less quick but changing wheels costs me roughly 30 seconds more while using the bolt.

    Something to keep in mind, DO NOT use the bolt that comes with the wheels but use the one that comes with your DD2. The bolt that comes with wheels is a bit shorter than the one you will find in the box of your DD2. Also make sure you follow the instructions exactly as stated in the manual and in 99 out of 100 cases you will be perfectly fine and won't notice any play that is possibly left.

    Another option some people are using is the Z-ring, i wouldn't recommend it but some people have good results with it and it keeps te QR quick without the need of the additional bolt.

    And like Gagaryn also mentioned, the QR2 is on it's way... it's released somewhere between now and Christmas, only thing we don't know if it's Christmas 2021, 2022 or 2023 but it should have been there in Q2 this year so expect 2024 😉

  • for the comments guys. I currently have FV2 rim, and only use this for ACC mainly. So I won't be changing rims unless for a NASCAR race if I decide to get a bit more into irenting.

    So from the sounds of it, the Fv2 wheel and screw with the DD2 should have close to no flexing. If that is the case I would be happy.

    I would like to hear from Fanatec on this matter too, as I don't want to get a wheelbase and have the joint connecting the wheel and base to feel like a chewed up toffee.

  • Don’t expect an answer from Fanatec on their own forums. Although these are the official forums you won’t find any official representatives from Fanatec other than Dom (community manager), Thomas Jackermijer (the CEO of Fanatec) who’s account is used for some PR related things and Marcel (a developer) who only seems to be active on software related threads.

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