Podium Racing Wheel F1

I don't even want to post this thread as everyone who already has issues is going to take it as another issue but it is not. I am trying to be preventative, I have had 0 count them 0 issues with my Fanatec Podium F1 PS4 Wheel that being said I'm not sure if it's all the F1 rims but I'm pretty sure I've seen a couple posts on social media(s) about the creaking of the rim. I would get a video if I could but it only ever happens during racing with higher torque (I use anywhere from 6nm > 11 maybe 12nm peak) I'm wondering if there's any issue with this or if it's just a new wheel getting broken in. I do use the quick release screw and have the quick release as tight as I can get it, I just don't want to end up with a broken pin or rim but I understand if it's just "it is what it is".


  • I have the same problem with the v2 formula wheel. It’s annoying. Not sure if it’s healthy for the wheel and the wheel base. Feels like something is cracking when I hit greater than 9nm of torque.

  • Yeah it's just a little spooky, I can't really tell where it's coming from but I'm guessing it's where the metal quick release connects to the plastic back of the rim or the handles torquing a little under pressure, but I'm pretty sure I've heard it more toward the back of the rim when there are quick changes of direction with 6-8nm+ of torque..

  • the question is, is it a failure?! Because my wheel is brand new..

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    After further inspection and making sure all the screws were tight, I'm 99% sure I've found the issue. At the top middle of the F1 rim there is play in the plastic where the back piece of rim connects to the front. You can press on it and hear the same noise (just quieter) that you do when racing. Maybe Fanatec could find a way to stop this with a filler or glue or something. Now that I'm pretty sure I know where it is I'm 99% it'll never be a problem.

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