Is it safe?

As I'm using with a wheelbase, is it safe to leave both leads connected to make it easier to update or set up as otherwise it means unbolting every time as the connectors are impossible to get at once installed on my rig.


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    I assume you are referring to the power connected to the outlet and wheelbase. If so, yes it is ok however if left unused for longer periods I would suggest unplugging it in case of power spike or outage.

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    It's the USB lead I'm on about leaving connected to the pedals while they are still directly connected to the wheelbase. As they plug in underneath, unless I'm missing something, you have to unbolt the pedals from the rig to swap leads.

  • I don’t believe there is any harm in having it connected to the pedals and set aside for updating. Although the worry-wort in me wonders about static electricity or whatever arching into the free USB and damaging the PCB board. I don’t even know if that’s possible, maybe someone who is more knowledgeable on that could chime in. But if you do keep both leads connected to the pedals, DO NOT CONNECT TO PC INTIL YOU UNPLUG THE RJ12 FROM THE WHEELBASE.

  • If You´re talking about V3 then there is no need to remove padals from pedal tray to switch connectors.

    There is 3 hex screws at you heel rest, take them off and look under hood 😉

  • Is that what they're for!! It's all obvious now, but when you've just paid nearly £400,youre a bit reluctant to start taking bits off. And I was wondering exactly the same thing about static. My carpet is nylon and the cat crackles when you stroke her, so I'd hate for it to get somewhere it shouldn't. Thank you all for your input. It's greatly appreciated.

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