CS Formula V2 Won't Connect to Xbox One


I'm having issues connecting my CS Formula V2 wheel and CS Elite wheelbase to the Xbox One. I managed to get it working once but the rev lights and tach were not working on the wheel.

Here's what I get when connecting to my laptop.

What am I doing wrong? also, sometimes the power button doesn't allow me to turn the wheel base off. Any ideas?


  • Xbox doesn’t support RevLEDs and the Display as well as most of the other new advanced features like MpS, Thumb Enocder etc.

  • Not sure on the connectivity but like Maurice mentions, the issue with buttons not working properly etc. is a Microsoft issue with the XBONE and not a vendor issue (same issue with Thrustmaster, Logitech etc.).

    I spent hours trying to get all buttons working and finally discovered (lots of Google) there is a limitation of inputs from Microsoft on the Xbox, which means many of the buttons double up, as you can only assign buttons to those found on a normal controller.

  • Thanks for the tips - I was able to get this bad boy connected finally. Sounds like I might need to make the move to PC to take advantage of all the functionality.

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