Loose screw thread on a shifter of a Porsche 918 RSR wheel

Hi forum. I have a Porsche 918 RSR Wheel. One of the of threads in the screw holes on the shifters got loose. So now one of the shifters tilts when pushed on. Is there a way to fix the thread or maybe get some replacement part for the shifter?


  • Glue. Epoxy would be a good choice - JB Weld, Araldite or similar.

  • What size are the screws, anything above and including M4 can be re-tapped normally.

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    I have used a wood filler to repair threads before. Make sure it says it is drilleable once set.

    Fill the hole with the filler and use a sharp pointed tool to make a slight depression of about 3mm, to guide the screw once the filler has harden.

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