Hi guys

Fanatec support was unable to answer my question, so maybe you can help out...

I would like to mount the steering wheel rim of my old Thrustmaster Competition Wheel Add-On SPARCO P310 Mod to the Fanatec Clubsport Universal Hub V2.

Does that work / fit? I really would like to know before ordering the Hub.

Any input is highly appreciated!


  • The Clubsport Universal Hub V2 uses the standard 6x70mm PCD bolt pattern. All you have to do is use a measuring tape or calipers and measure the wheel you have. Measure 2 bolts opposite of each other, if it's 70mm, then yes it should fit.

  • Hi guys

    In the meantime all the stuff from Fanatec arrived at my place, and I can finally confirm that the TM Rim doesn't fit.

  • You can always drill holes in the rim to match the hub. You would have to remove the button box off of the rim.

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