CSL Elite Wheelbase Won’t Connect to my PS4...HELP!

Hi guys.

Before I start off I just wanted to say that I’m a noob at this so forgive me if I’m unfamiliar with any terms. I recently got the CSL elite wheelbase with the clubsport v2 f1 wheel (says its for xbox but fanatec support I can plug it into the wheelbase and it should work for my PS4). I set everything up and I load into the F1 game and it is only recognizing my controller...none of the Fanatec stuff. I have the wheelbase set to PS4 mode, and when I turn the base on the v2 wheel spins. One thing I found odd was that the wheel would spin and everything would be complete, but the REV lights only got to the red section. On youtube, when people calibrate the wheel, the REV lights go to the blue and makes a little ding noise. I have the wheelbase connected to the USB input on my PS4...please help me, I dont want to feel like everything is a waste lol.

Any response would be awesome. Cheers


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