BRF inverted driver 4.11


i don't know if this is the correct categorie of the forum. If not sorry for that.

Anyway i just formatted my oc because i changed matherboard and CPU, so i downloaded new driver 4.11 for my CSW 2 and Club Sport Pedals V3.

I noticed that the BRF works in reverse mode. I mean that if it is at 100 (HI) even if I push on the pedal with all my strenght, the bar does not go up more than half, while if it is at 0 with little strenght the bar go up to the top.

I don't know what it is possibile.

Can you explain to me how to solve it?

Sorry for my bad english.



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    This is as designed?!

    Hi means you need to press 90kg so get 100% brake input.

    Low means you just have to slightly touch the pedal to get maximum Braking input.

    You should calibrate the Max point though by pressing the pedal with all your force and then click the Max button in the Pedal Tab in the driver UI with manual mode enabled.

  • Ok are you telling me what i noticed is correct?

    with older 3.XX drivers it worked in the opposite way

  • Also older 3xx drivers had that already "inverted". Only VERY VERY VERY old drivers from 2 years ago had it the opposite way.

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