CSL DD, wheel not returning to centre?

My CSL DD wheel base is connected to a PC, Win10. I have updated the firmware to, and the motor firmware is, (up to date) Also, I have made a manual steering wheel center position calibration.

My problem is: When testing the base WITHOUT A WHEEL, i can feel that the motor is working, with correct resistance, but when turning the shaft, it does not return to center position.

I have checked all the options in the wheel base settings tab , nothing really stating this function(?)

So: my newbie question is:

-Do I need to connect a steering wheel for the shaft to start returning to center position? (Nah?)

-Do I need to run a (driving game) software in order to activate "centering functionality?" (Nah?)

(Or can it be something that may be wrong with my settings? (Probably not?)

Any information on this would be helpful! Thanks!


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