Clubsport V2 Accelerator


I've got some CSL V2 Pedals and Problem is that the Accelerator isn't functioning properly.

I once cleaned the whole thing and than it worked fine once and 2 Weeks after that the Problems restartet with stuttering and not going to 100%.

As I'm working as a Electronics Engineer I found the IC and want to replace it.

Has anyone tested this repair method ?

Are there Schematics out there so i could exchange the rest maybe ?

With kind Regards, Mit freundlichen Grüßen



  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Have you tried using the clutch sensor to see if it is actually the part that has gone bad?

  • Hi Olivier,

    Were you able to fix this problem? I am having the same issues with the throttle. The throttle pedal input is maxing out at 97-99% and sometimes for a second maxes out as low as 50%. It is ruining most of my races, and I just have to get this solved permanently instead of messing with the pedal every few hours.

    Support is saying that they do not know if they have spare parts available, and I have read from some comments that at least the replacement hall sensors are out of stock. Support suggest sending the pedals in to be checked, but I would rather not spend the holidays not sim racing due to not having pedals.

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