Indycar, violent wheel oscillations

Does anyone else experience this?

I have a DD2 and just use the recommended settings for Fanalab. I've tried cranking the natural damper way up but oddly doesn't seem to change much.

I have to be sure to keep a tight grip on the wheel so that it doesn't spin away from me and start sawing back and forth on its own. Pretty intense to keep up with it for longer races.

Only seems to happen in the Indycar. No issue in any other cars I drive regularly.


  • What do you mean with "recommended settings"?

    The settings shown in the general iRacing thread from this category? these are crap and only a general recommendation as a startig point and more important not ideal for every car.

    As you're using Fanalab, it seems: Go to the "Shared Profile" thread at the Fanalab category here and download the latest set of Fanalab setings from Maurice Böschen (post from August 17th). There you'll find a set for IR18 and IR01 as well, that can be inported to Fanalab. These settings are much better and individually designed for each car.

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Try clicking the "Strength" setting to change it to "Max Force" and start around 65NM. Adjust from there since every car will need fine tuning. Using a global setting is not recommended in iRacing.

  • yeah I need add tons of dampening for the F3 or the Indy car or the LMP2 car.

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