Quickfix for RacePro Force Feedback bug

Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

By default Race Pro does not support true ForceFeedback on the PWTS and the Microsoft wheel by default. It is obviously a bug and will probably be patched. In the meantime you can use the following fix:

1. Turn off the console

2. Start the console by pressing the xbox gude button on the Xbox360 controller which then will be selected as "controller 1" (do not start the game yet)

3. Activate the wheel by pressing the  Xbox guide button so the wheel becomes "controller 2".

4. Start RacePro

5. Press "A" on the controller to enter the game main menu

6. Press the Xbox guide button on the controller

7. Press "X" on the controller to disconnect your profile and confirm

8. Press "B" on the controller to return to the game but from now on use the wheel to confirm the warning messages with "A".

9.  Press the xbox guide button on the wheel and connect to your profile again.

FF works now but it is quite weak in comparison to Forza 2.


Thanks to SCGOR01 and Broddee!

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