Losing FFB during racing

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I thought this may be helpful for some others with this problem. Over the past year or so I've experienced intermittent loss of FFB when racing. I found it difficult to fault find as it only happend possibly once or twice a week and I wasn't sure if It was also losing it's USB connection too as the moments were so very brief.

One evening about a month ago during a race it suddenly started to happen for longer periods and it was then obvious that as well as no FFB there was no steering function which resulted in some big offs - fortunately I was only racing iRacing against the AI.

This is what I did:

  1. Set Windows 10 sounds to ON so that I could hear any USB disconnections.
  2. Very very, Oh so very gently - DON'T be rough and heavy handed and break the sockets please - try to move the plugs on the USB cable to all the main points of a compass. Listen for USB disconnections.

My USB plug that connects to the DD2 was disconnecting at pretty much the slightest touch. I removed it then reinserted it about six times, then retested it as per bullet point 2. All fine now! Although no more disconnects I removed the plug and examined it under a strong light. I noticed a very thin sliver of blue film inside of the plug and gently blew it away. I suspect that it had been covering one of the gold terminals and may have been there from manufacture.

My DD2 has now worked flawlessly ever since.

Thank you for listening.

Thank you to Fanatec for a great product


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