No, I'm not crazy. Hear me out.

A lot of us have put heavy investments into our sim rigs (Podium, rig, button boxes, shakers, motion, wind, etc,). We'd like an easy option to add flight sim without having to build a whole new rig and then re-buy expensive shakers, amps, motion, wind, etc. It is impossible to add separate flight controls to an existing rig without interfering with sim racing or having a time consuming install to switch components.

A Fanatech Wheelbase Flight Yoke is not going to make flight sim purists buy it vs the components already out there, but it would provide an easy way for sim racers to enjoy the upcoming MS Flight Simulator 2020.

We are basically talking something similar to an F1 wheel with some push pull action (Hamilton already has that now in F1). Its easy to use button boxes or add a throttle quadrant to a rig without upsetting the sim racing aspect of it. Rudder Pedals could be replaced by controls on the yoke.


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