CSW 2.5 - Formula V2 Rim Issue

So, I've been just playing ACC, when suddenly my wheel basically stopped responding, or should I say my rim? To the point: every button on the wheel stopped responding, and also the shifter paddles, BUT the wheel still could turn, so I could turn the car, but couldn't press any button and change gears. Pedals kept working fine (connected through the base). So, I've restarted the wheel, the buttons and shifter paddles now works, but guess what - no FFB at all. Whatever you do, whatever settings you put in - no FFB in any game. What the fuck is going on?


  • The same thing happened with the CSW2.5 + CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 V2. However, it does not occur with the CSW2.5 + ClubSport steering wheel BMW GT2.

  • In my experience, Fanatec drivers have crashed if no FFB - all other features will fall back to default game controller drivers. Do you see the hardware in Fanalab?

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