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Hi to everyone

I own a wheel base V2 , pedal V3, and black formula steering wheel. Great satisfactions until a few weeks ago.

I have always used the system by connecting the pedal to the wheel base directly with the supplied RJ12 cable and wheel base connected to the PC. everything was perfect until two weeks ago when I unplugged the pedal from the base wheel to do some cleaning. It was not the first time I had done this and I never had a problem.

Last time, after the cleaning work, I reconnected the system as usual but the pedal was not recognized. after some attempts and contacts with your support center in Germany, I tried to connect the pedal directly to the USB port of the PC with the appropriate cable and the wheel base directly to the PC, but without the direct connection via the RJ12 cable, as specified in your clear instructions. When restarting, the pedal works and the steering wheel also works, but not at the same time. Depending on the choice on the page of photo 1 and after starting the F1 game, either the pedal OR the steering wheel works. From the photo 1 which I am attaching, it can be seen that the wheel base and the pedals are separate; or I give priority to one or the other. Game start or pedal or wheel base also works, but not both together . Either I can drive with the steering wheel or I accelerate and brake. I am truly confused.

Photo 2 shows the installed firmware and driver.

If this information confirms that the problem concerns the RJ12 cable, I will proceed with the purchase of a new cable as proposed to me by the after-sales service, but I don't understand why with the direct USB connection of both pedal and wheel base, I cannot to make the system work.

As I explained in my previous e-mails to the assistance service, I tested the RJ12 cable supplied and each pin gave perfect continuity between the de connectors. So I suppose it might not be a cable problem, but it's just a personal assumption .......

Thanks in advance for your help


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    Hi, no suggestions for solve my problems?

    If the description is not clear I am sorry for my english. Just tell me and I will try to explain in another way.


  • If you connect them both with their own usb cable it’s normal that you see 2 devices. Because you changed the cable, In game you need to bind your pedals again to tell the game it needs to use the other device.

    Don’t use both cables at the same time, use RJ12 or USB with your pedals.

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    Hi Pasqual and thanks for replying.

    I tried and tried again but it doesn't work.

    I wish I could still have the pedal connected directly to the wheel base with the RJ12 cable (or RJ11 - as mentioned in the original manual) and the wheel base connected to the PC with its USB cable. This was the configuration I have used without problems for three years.

    I don't understand what the problem may be right now.

    I confirm that I never connected the pedal's RJ12 and USB cables at the same time. For this reason I would not be happy to spend around 30 EURO and buy an RJ12 cable just for trial.

    I would also like to understand if there is a system to make sure that the problem is not in the pedal board PCB, but since it works if I connect it directly to the PC via USB, maybe I can rule out this problem?

  • Hi Pasqual,

    thanks for yours help !!

    I reinstall F1 2019 and now I see the pedals and the wheel base V2 also and I have done the setting.

    Everythings is working good ! :)

    Pedals and wheel base are connected direct by USB (2 cables) to the pc.

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