Would you still upgrade drivers and firmware if all is well and good?

Your hardware works well with whatever games you have and all FFB is there, running smoothly with no glitch at all.

And there is no new feature that you need from your hardware...

Would you still upgrade your drivers and firmware?

Better to leave it alone than to risk some problems isn't it?


  • Conventional wisdom says yes, always update….. but….. Personally I waited for a long time to update, I was running 381 and was very happy. I have been just as pleased if not more with the update, although I was not looking for more. In the end it definitely comes down to a personal choice.

  • I find I can always go back if I have a problem - I update right away.

  • I am firmly in the camp of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

  • I don’t usually upgrade unless there is features I want or need in the new driver or firmware.

    So my DD1 with various rims is still happily running 381 :)

  • Nope, I tend to leave things alone unless there is something in the change notes that I need or I'm interested in.

  • Absolutely, especially since Fanatec has been updating the Firmware Manager and recently the driver interface itself. Also, often times various devices will receive firmware updates with new driver releases. E.g. My CSW v2.5 received a motor update that I didn’t know was in the driver but worked perfectly.

    As others have mentioned, even if you do a firmware update on some device and you don’t like the new firmware or didn’t want to update the firmware it’s incredibly quick and easy to revert to the previous firmware version when you install the previous version drivers.

    So, I definitely advise to always update both drivers and firmware whenever new drivers are released. You’ve next to nothing to lose and quite a bit to gain imho.

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