problem while updating driver


I have updated my driver to 415 x64.

Since the driver is on my PC, my Club Sport Wheel Base V.25 starts shaking and wobbeling as soon as I open the Fanatec Control Panel advanced tab. Even by switching on/off the wheel it doesn´t stop and starts as soon as the reset is done. Also rebooting does not help. I uninstalled and re-installed the driver several times. After the first reboot (after the new installation of the driver and without opening the Control Panel advanced tab) I can start a game like iRacing... wheel and pedals work fine. As soon as I open the Control Panel advanced tab, the wheel starts shaking heavily and I have to uninstall the driver and re-install, else it wouldnot stop (like said, even after rebooting and sitch on/off of the wheel).

Of course I can´t update the Firmware.. the application stops as soon as I click Update Firmware (the wheel still shaking).

Anyone having an idea what I can do ?

Thank you


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Have you tried removing the wheel and updating the base alone first? Also you can try removing the Fanatec device in the Control Panel "Devices and Printers" restart and try.

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