CSR Elite Pedal faulty.

Can anyone help please.

I have the csr elite pedals and the brake pedal was working just fine and all of a sudden the brake pedal only registers half pressure. So I fitted a new load cell and the brake pedal was working great again but after a few minuets the problem came back again.

Now when checking in game controller settings in windows it shows brake pressure is only registering half but the pedal is fully pressed. Also I noticed odd times when you press the brake pedal the throttle pedal registers like its been fully pressed but only very briefly.

So could the pcb be faulty.


  • One more thing if I turn the pot for the load cell one way brake registers half pressure as I said before and the other pedals are fine. But if I turn the pot the other way the brake no longer works at all and neither does the acceleration or clutch pedals.

    So could the pcb be faulty.

  • Mark - Since you have the load cell brake, have you tried reinstalling the stock brake without the load cell?

  • With the csr elite pedals the load cell brake is standard. Mind you they are 8 years old but I just fitted a new load cell as I thought the old one was faulty. But turns out the new load cell has same problem so that's why I am thinking pcb problem.

  • I seem to have found the problem. My brake pedal has the bbj damper mod on it and part of the main 3d printed section has broken causing the brake pedal to not work correctly.

  • Glad to hear you found the problem.

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