Struggling to get good FFB with the CSL DD

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Hello all,

I have been driving with the CSL DD (Mclaren gt3 v2 wheel and clubsport v3 pedals) for a few weeks now. I play ACC and F1 2021 on PC. I've managed to find some ffb that i enjoy on ACC but not so much on f1 2021. Currently, I'm using a slightly edited version of this forums' recommended ffb settings, to jog your memory:

SEN 360 (I used 350 for slightly more responsiveness)

FFB 100 (I use 70)

FFS Peak

NDP 25



INT 6 (I use 18 normally)

FEI 100

FOR 100

SPR 100

DPR 100

And the in game settings are essentially:

Overall FFB 65 (I use 56) and;

Wheel damper 10.

(for ontrack, offtrack and rumblestrip effects I use 0 because it doesn't add any real value. I also use understeer enhance which will be explained in the next line))

I would like to preface the following by saying accurate simulation isn't my goal, I'm looking to drive as fast as possible so I don't mind braking realistic physics.

Firstly, I find that the ffb is not smooth at all, I would almost liken it to a gear driven wheel (I come from the g29) it feels super 'crunchy' ergo I use INT 18 which doesn't totally solve this issue anyway. Upping it to 18 takes away the bulk of the crunch but i still get this noticeable 'squeaking' feeling. every few degrees of rotation it's like the ffb doesn't know what it's doing. This was most noticeable this one time when the game crashed but it didn't stop the ffb. I had a nice consistent force to turn the wheel and literally every 10 or so degrees you could feel the ffb was really weird and 'squeaky' for a degree or two and then back to normal as you kept rotating. This is extremely frustrating as I have a direct drive wheel yet the quality of the ffb does not feel like it (on f1 2021). This is half the reason I decided to post this on this forum, perhaps my DD has an issue, perhaps everyone with a DD has to deal with this problem on f1 2021.

Secondly, to my taste the ffb is not as responsive as I'd like. I'm going to refer to my experience with the ffb on my g29 on f1 2020 and f1 2021. I found that on the g29, whilst the ffb was weak and low quality, it was quite responsive. By this I mean, going down the straights, turning left and right would instantly* give me feedback on the wheel. With the DD it feels almost delayed, like the ffb has to slowly accelerate to it's peak rather than instantly giving me acknowledgement that I've turned the wheel. This is extremely frustrating as I find it renders the ffb almost useless as it gives you no timely information, by the time you feel the ffb in your wheel that you've lost the rear, you've spun.

*By instantly I mean the moment the next cog made contact with the gear

I appreciate you taking the time to read this post! Please let me know your thoughts on how I could potentially overcome the issues.

Thank you,



  • Hey!

    In the tuning menu in the control panel app you can try to do a factory reset of the tuning menu, i had some struggels with the f1 ffb when i recieved my boost pack and did read somewhere a suggestion that i should try doing a factory reset and it worked for me! Including my settings to if you want to try.

    SEN 280

    FFB 100

    FFS Peak

    NDP 25



    INT 7

    FEI 100

    FOR 100

    SPR 100


    Ingame FFB 73

    Damper 3-5

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Mitch,

    It is difficult to interpret exactly what you mean by 'crunchy' and 'squeaky', but it is possible that you have some excessive play in the quick release (either from the wheel-side or the base-side), which you can contact support about. But the second part about a lack of response in the FFB doesn't make much sense to me, and if there is an issue with play, I don't think it would solve what you're describing there. But the responsiveness of a CSL DD is significantly better than a G29 in all aspects of FFB. For a fair comparison it would make sense to use exactly the same in-game settings as you were using with your G29.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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