CSL Pedals with Clubsport adapter not detected

I have the CSL pedals with the Clubsport adapter and now faantec wheel base, i have connected the pedals using the supplied cable to the adapter and then the adapter to the PC and the Control panel is not detecting them. My PC detects the and says they are ready to use when I plug them in so the USB port doen't seem to be the issue


  • My CSL pedals and adapter is scheduled to arrive tomorrow , I hope I don't have the same issue

  • @Daniel Long

    Im having the same issue as you except I’m using them without the USB adapter . They worked on the day they arrived and then the next day they just stopped working all of a sudden . And on the control panel the pedals show but when I put in any input nothing happens . Maybe it’s a firmware or software issue on fanatec’s side , hopefully they fix it soon .

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