Avaliablity date on csl dd?


Suppose this is more a question for fanatec directly, but is the current availablity date of the 8th of October still holding true

I'm in the uk so my item will be shipped presumably from Germany.

Just wondering if the current date is still good as I'm currently refreshing my order page like a mad man a few times a day at least



  • Most of us are in the same boat, my orde was first September then October then November so it’s seeming like a lucky dip right now.

  • I've been one of the lucky ones mine has never moved from my original date

  • Yesterday my order said "The order is in process". 🙄 Been saying that for the last 4 months...

    Availability date: 8 Oct / UPS / delivery to UK

    Today it said "The order has been processed". 😁 And the warehouse is processing my order now...

  • hi David, so your order went from 19th oct, to the 8th and now its getting sent as of the 7th, so the date change is correct, mine is nov 2nd well so far lol after the 3 changes, so we should expect they might be sending them on the dates stated in the orders !

  • I contacted Fanatec customer services couple of days ago cos I had not had any contact from them at all since Jun and was curiously worried that they forgot about me! Told me the dispatch can be anywhere between 4-5 days around the "availability date" in your order.

  • As assumed, I have just received my shipping information and I will probably receive a package delivery tomorrow ☺️

    Ordered June 8. Initial date was 19th Oct. Changed to 8th Oct a few weeks ago. Order No. 1282xxx

  • Is the shipping information in an email? Assume it has a tracking number etc? Cheers.

    Are you in Europe?

  • UPS Mail will usually arrive around 1800-1900, Iam in Germany. It usually takes 1 day for all my Fanatec orders to be delivered via UPS. So tomorrow is the big day for me 🤗

  • So update I have gone through to warehouse processing * hyper ventilating increases *

    Been the longest day ever to receive that tracking number 😭😭

  • Hello, got info from Fanatec support that CSL DD has been shipped out yesterday (07.10). Need to contact UPS for a problem with the delivery address, when I can receive the tracking number? I can't find in the account.

  • Please take into account that probably thousands of DD's were delivered yesterday and therefore there may be delays in data maintenance. In your specific case, I would call support and try to get tracking information. After all, it would be a shame if your DD were delivered to someone else.

  • I try to contact them again. It's just a wrong address number, I do not know why, I noticed this from the invoice. So we'll see...

  • For further interest please let us know the result/ solution of your call. Thx.

  • at the moment I made UPS my choice registration, It seems that you can update the address. If it will not works I will call UPS.

    Main point I need tracking number .... still waiting for...

  • Yeah I got email yesterday saying it would be updated with a tracking number still no number and obviously I need to pay import tax to stop further delays

  • just got chat conversation, it tooks even 48hrs to get the tracking number.... should take 4-6 businness day for delivery so it seems that I have time for update, hopefully....

  • Dear valued customer,

    Thank you for your inquiry. We will try to get back to you within the next 2-3 business days.

    How long is the order processing or shipping time?

    Due to COVID-19, we have been experiencing delivery processing delays. Currently, we require between 1 to 4 business days to dispatch your order, while there may be additional delays in transit time, depending on your location and the ongoing pandemic situation.

  • So after 5 hours I’m still not able to access eu website, I can access Australian Japan and USA, but not Europe, I did notice the csl DD Availability date has changed for Australian it’s December 21 for Japan it’s November 11th and USA is November 29th I’m guessing the site is down for Europe so as to not start a riot……

  • It works. Still November 12th

  • thats very odd, I have tried on my iPhone my iPad and my laptop and I get a white page which text on it and nothing works I can’t log in or do anything, I can see the other site Australian Japan and us, not sure what’s going on I’m in the uk ?

  • lee spinkslee spinks Member
    edited October 8

    Has to be something in the uk I just tried using my sim rig and I got the same thing, really not sure what’s going on. So I can’t log into my account, starting to get really fed up with this.

    Any one in the uk try and see if there’s is working? Pleased

  • David ChiengDavid Chieng Member
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    Quite a few are updating their shipping status here and regularly too.

    Can you sort the discussions based on last posted? And not on when the discussion was 1st posted by the OP?

  • Hi there.

    I placed the order on June 4 and received the DD by the end of August. By this I mean that I received it earlier than what was indicated to me, I don't know if this is the case in all cases.

    In my case I live in Spain, I don't know if other countries will be different.


  • Anyone in the UK know how we pay the VAT, does UPS call you or something?

  • Yep apparently they send u an email to pay it but since we haven't got tracking think it can be paid on arrival

  • Latest update I've had

    Dear Arran,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us!

    We are delighted to inform you that your order no. 1282308 has already been shipped.

    UPS is just running a bit behind schedule to update the tracking number.

    You should receive an email with the tracking information for your order within the next few days.

    We are very sorry about these delays and greatly appreciate your understanding.

    Please monitor your order in your account for the most current updates on your order status.

    Thank you very much for your time in reaching out to us and take care!

    Best regards / Freundliche Grüße


    (Fanatec Customer Service Team)

  • You will receive an email with a link to pay the fees, and they send you a postal bill also, which states if not paid in 7 days they can charge 8% up to a maximum of £40.00.

  • I ordered mine on Aug 18th and on Oct 5th I got a email stating my order was shipped but still no tracking and it still says the order is in process with Fanatec. Weird. Also checked to see if the email was legit and it was.

  • I have an order for the dd which has changed dates 3 times now nov 2nd, but I ordered a set of club sport pedals a week ago, it took 3 days from the order stated completed and dispatched before I got the tracking, and then 2 more days for the email from UPS for the import fee, so to sum up ups took a total of 7 days to deliver from the dispatch notice from fanatec.

  • A tracking number was finally attached to my order yetseday at 2pm

    Now I'm refreshing ups constantly.... Its still saying package is ready for ups...

    Now to just wait on that email for tax /. Import fees

    Looking like it's gonna be close to 2 weeks since order confirmed for shipping until I may actually receive the dd

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