On the fence about buying the Porsche Button Module Endurance

I bought the 911 wheel, Podium hub and Podium shifters, but not the BME.

A few things that really bug me about the BME and hope a V2 version will address these items.

  1. The 2 toggle switches completely prevent placing the button stickers ANYWHERE. A shame that the Porsche 911 stickers are included and can't even be attached. I don't really care for the toggles but if you must, move them towards the center to make room for the stickers.
  2. The Tuning Menu button is in the way of attaching the button sticker. Perhaps placing it on the display would be better.
  3. Speaking of the display, would be nice if it was detachable to make the wheel more authentic.

In the meantime I had SRM make me a Porsche 911 carbon button plate.

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