Tried to update driver now i cant install any driver , please help

I have the 2.5 base and v3 pedals. Everything was working great. i bought the WRC rim and it didnt detect it. I was running older drivers , so I uninstalled the drivers , rebooted then installed the lastest drivers and the control panel is not responding. I uninstalled them and tried to go back to the older driver . I can open the control panel but nothing responds even if i click update firmware. Dont know what to do. Nothing works now !

Any help would be great.



  • hi steve, is the wheel base showing in the game controler window, i mean the windows one not the fanatec one. ?

  • Steve RubinoSteve Rubino Member
    edited October 2021

    Lee , I got it working , firmware is all updated, Wheels are updated. But I could only run the 402 pc driver. It wouldnt load the lastest driver 415. Know I notice the base is running load. i hear the fans. But its all working good. Just had a hard time getting things to work. Not sure why It wont take the lastest pc driver. Same with V3 pedals , wouldnt take the update. Im afraid to touch it again.


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