Well that's what it says when I click it on the home page, Yet here I sit looking at my order date of June 8th with a delivery date twice moved. oh I cant forget the e-mail I got saying my order I received last year is shipping. what next?


  • Not sure if this helps but I had the confirmation email on Thursday the 7th that my item had been processed and dispatched shortly

    Have been waiting for the tracking number to be attached..

    I sent an email. I'm asking and this was the response I got back before (as sort of a automated reply)

    Dear valued customer,

     Thank you for your inquiry. We will try to get back to you within the next 2-3 business days. 

    How long is the order processing or shipping time?

    Due to COVID-19, we have been experiencing delivery processing delays. Currently, we require between 1 to 4 business days to dispatch your order, while there may be additional delays in transit time, depending on your location and the ongoing pandemic situation.

    Hope my answer somewhat helps or if it. Doesn't Maybe clarify exactly what your. Meaning

  • Where are you guys looking to see your delivery date? I ordered one recently and in 'my orders' the CSL DD says 'availability 10th Nov'.

  • They have changed availabity date in Europe to 9th december if you order now. My order still says 8th november. Ordered 31 august.

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    I ordered in June, which then had an "availability" date of 8 Oct.

    If you have a few items in your order with a few "availability" dates, that will slowly disappear as you get closer to 10 Nov.

    Under order status it will say "The order is in process". Once you get closer to your furthest away (assuming you have a few items in your order) "availability" date, that will change. I believe it will say "warehouse processing" for a short period of time, before it will then change to "The order has been processed" and there is no longer an "availability" date anymore.

    That happened to me on 7 Oct. It is now saying "The order has been processed".

    I gather from other discussions here that eventually when UPS has the parcel in their system then I will get a delivery date. I believe I should get some tracking info over the next few days.

    ... So continue to breathe, do other things, until you get closer to 10 Nov. Just check back once a fortnight... I know you won't! 😀

  • Haha awesome, I'm hoping my order does arrive soon because my current wheel is on its last legs so not sure how long it'll keep working for. If my order gets pushed back too much then I'll just cancel it because it's pretty misleading to have an availability date shown before you purchase and then have it pushed back. I mean, we're not talking cheap parts here so I'm sure we'd all rather just have the true availability date up front because at least you know.

  • I ordered mine on Aug 18th and on Oct 5th I got a email stating my order was shipped but still no tracking and it still says the order is in process with Fanatec. Weird. Also checked to see if the email was legit and it was.

  • ordered mine on june 8, Been delayed 2 times now pushed back from September 20 to oct 5 now 28. what an embarrassing product. funny part is you have employees from sabbath distribution selling them on offer up in Cerritos, Ca for x2 but yet for some reason im getting all these excuses from Marnia.

  • It’s really embarrassing I pre ordered in June when the ceo was having a hard on reading the hype tweets about this base. Where’s that same energy. Embarrassing I preordered before you but going to wait a extra 3 weeks to get mine ? WTF fanatec?

  • I get but also. Please remember this is also not purely down to fanatec there is a global issue with parts / components aswell as a huge issue with courier staffing levels and such lately.

    Don't get me wrong I'm a lil mythed that everything is taking soo long also but this isn't purely a fantatec issue

  • did they mention how many units they are shipping daily?

  • Arron, they’ve had over a year to figure out shipping and semiconductors like the rest of the world. No excuses for sending a delay email on the same day it was suppose to ship. I can post the emails I received from Marnia. I honestly feel bad for her but it doesn’t excuse the lack of transparency with shipping. If it’s sitting on ship of the port of Long Beach I would like to know. It’s communication instead posting on ig and twitter grabbing ass playing with cords.

  • yeah an e-mail are post stating "its still on the damn boat" boat is expected on bla bla date would be nice

  • Even with a date they just send you email on same day as they’re suppose to ship, saying your order has been pushed back to x-date.

  • Just received email this morning saying order is being prepared in warehouse. Placed my order in second wave on June 9th. I’m in US on east coast. Guess they finally got to the Fanatec container. Woohoo!!!

  • My order changed from "processing" to "wardhouse..." to "processed", on 7 Oct.

    Original availability date was 8 Oct.

    On 12 Oct I got the tracking number...

  • The pathetic saga continues…. It was suppose to be available today lol no wonder why their stock price went down 85% in one day….

  • According to UPS is was supposed t Arrive Today. Yesterday, they changed it to Monday. Today they've changed it to Tuesday becuase...


    12:00 On the Way

    Your parcel was cleared after the scheduled transport departure. We will reschedule for the next available departure.

    Herne-Boernig, Germany"


    12:00Your parcel was cleared after the scheduled transport departure. We will reschedule for the next available departure.

    Herne-Boernig, Germany"


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    That happen to me too… So expecting on 19/10, after it was moved fr 18/10, which was originally moved fr 15/10???

    You are in the UK I presume?

  • I 2nd wave pre-ordered mine on June 8th, I live Allentown, PA USA. I received an email on October 13, 2021, that stated: "The status of your order 1281XXXX placed on June 8, 2021 has changed to "warehouse processing." Our warehouse is currently preparing your shipment. Once it has left our warehouse, your tracking number will be visible in your order details." I felt like a little kid on Christmas Eve.

    When I checked the order the following day the status had changed to "The Order has been processed." So of course I keep checking like every hour of every day to see if there is a tracking number, and so far there hasn't been anything. Bummer!!!!!

    I am well aware of all of the worldwide issues in the supply chain and labor markets, so I am doing my best to be patient. It is super difficult.

    I have been on a Logitech G920 for ages and when Fanatec announced the CSL DD I made sure to have an account and get in a pre-order as soon as possible.

    I went soup to nuts, CSL DD with Boost Kit 180, Clubsport Formula V2 wheel with the Advanced Podium Paddle Module, Clubsport V3 pedals, with a V3 Damper Kit and the V3 Performance Brake Kit.

    It is going to be such a major jump in the quality of my hardware. I know it will be worth the wait, but man the waiting is torture.

  • "19/10/2021 5:53 Out for Delivery Out for Delivery - Croydon, United Kingdom"

    😁 Now... Will they follow the instruction to deliver to neighbour as instructed. He has the ref code for proof of duty/tax paid. fingers crossed.

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    Hello good morning, I just received the shipping confirmation email.

    The order was placed on August 29 and the estimated date was November 8, it seems that they are shipping before the estimated date.

    Greetings from Spain.

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