CSL Elite PS4 slight shake

Since yesterday my wheel started having a very annoying slight shake.

Nothing like the violent spikes I saw in some videos during my internet search for similar problems.

It's not visible but I can feel it in my hands.

It's like a slight ffb oscilation everytime I move the wheel.

More than a tremble or like the ffb is going on and off rapidly.

It occurs if I move the steer in straights and of course when I turn.

When I turn right it kicks left and again right like a wave till I hit the straight

It is constant If I take a curve without my food on the pedal.

Off course it is lower with lower ffb values but you can still feel it in the background.

I tried playing with FFB and FEI values with no lack.

I updated to 347(from 346) drivers+664 bios and I tried all(18,20,22) motor firmwares but the issue is always there.

What worries me most is that it happens in all my games even if it has not the same intensity.

Did anybody else faced a similar issue

Thank you


  • Hi !

    I notice the same problem on mine since I switched from PS4 to PC 2 weeks ago. I checked all the set up and update possible, didn't find any solution...

    Indeed, it doesn't feel natural at all, if anybody as an explanation on that, it would be great !

    FYI, my set up is like 2 months old so I can't imagine it's a hardware issue ...

    Thanks !

  • I forgot to say I play on PC.

    My wheel is also 2 months old and I don't even remember the last time I enjoyed a toy so much. The wheel was working like a charm!

    I will try unistalling/installing drivers once more and maybe try my luck with game and tuning menu settings.

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    Hello all

    I am having the same issue wheel constantly shakes when stopped and in the pits i play Iracing its a constant back and forth. thank you for your help.

    Mine too is 2 month old set up i have also updated drivers with no help still shakes.

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