DD1 indirectly responsible for video lag?


lately I have this problem: When using the wheel on populated servers I sometimes (meaning not every race / session) have hefty video lags / freezes in corners. Actually the leags appear even when the car is not moving only by steering input. Sometimes I get CPU load warnings, which is nonsense. I have a quite performant system and no bottlenecks or things like that.

I switched back to my CSL, with wich I never had those problems, and everything is fine.

BTW: The OSD of the base is also not working for quite some time now. Maybe this is related...


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator
    edited October 13

    The wheelbase should not be causing any lags however there could be conflict with your input. Either try a different USB input or delete the Fanatec device from the Printers and Devices panel, restart and see if that helps. Check your activity panel to see if there are any other background tasks consuming Memory or CPU.

    As for the Old display if that is not working intermittently please open a support ticket.

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