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    US website is looking the same way

  • was going to buy the new wheel but not now

  • Just a Reflection on their Very Lazy attitude . Oldest web technology in the world, and Fanalab software and Fanatec drivers don't even have a Auto update technology??? But they can continue to throw out sub-par hardware every other month and throw new stickers and colors on them and call it a new wheel for Mega dollars and never have a sale on old stock. Greed and sloth and Tauber have a short life span. Cheers xx🤑

  • US site is back up now

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    I had the same issue for hours on the US site yesterday until I got home and turned on the VPN. I got through in one shot and didn’t need the VPN anymore.

    The issue was with Cloudflare and their way of caching to prevent bots.

  • -working today...went to order the new wheel and said......NAH

    will get some good headphones instead

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