I the new F1 2020 clubsport sterring wheel have a new magnetic paddle shifter.

This module will be available separately in Q3 for €99.95. But can we mount module on universal hub ? podium hub ?

thank you for response.


  • Its compatible to every wheel which supports the APM.

  • Good

    Thank you.

  • The 2mm paddles on the APM have some flex on them (most noticeable on the big + - GT ones), will you make available a new version of just the carbon paddles to get rid of that flex? I'd be really interested as I always think I might break them if used too far off axis with a bit of force

  • I've seen the new paddles are 3mm thick, thats the reason of the question

  • If I see the messages of people that already have a review sample. The new shifters use the old 2-pin connector. That would mean it’s compatible with much more wheels. So also wheels that don’t support APM module. Like the older Formula Carbon or current Formula E-sport.

    I’m very curious if they will include GT paddles like with the APM. Would be a nice upgrade for my Universal Hub.

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    no, the MPM uses the same connector as the APM and not the old 2pin connector from the default spring-based shifters.

  • Why it wouldn'r support original un.hub or original F1? It is just on/off switch/shifter and every 3rd party magnetic shifter works in un-hub v1 too. In any case, when these are available I'll order 3-4 of them to get all my wheels magnetic shifters.

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    Do not understand why you would need to use a 6-pin connector for a two wire signal?

  • I think that if needed it would be easy to mod them to 2-pin. Just cut wires and attach new connectors. They will be cheaper than ie SRM's carbon shifters so even with modification they should be worth it.

  • I had similar thought. Except instead of cutting wires , remove pins from 6-pin and re- installing in 2-pin from existing shifter. Since the sockets are the "same size", I have done similar on PC components. The removal is finicky/tricky to do without damaging the pins, but not impossible. I guess we will have to wait until someone, who owns a F1 2020, receives it and kindly takes the end cap off for pictures.

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    Not gone work the old shifter connectors are larger and have a bigger pitch. So you need to change the pins also.

    You can see on the Instagram of Sim Racing Garage that it uses the new connector and that it is a smaller connector as used for the old pedals.

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    @Pasqual Demmenie

    Yes, the outter dimensions of the female 6-pin connector is smaller than the 2-pin female, but the pin size and pitch appear the same to me (zoomed photo and measured pin spacing (pitch) , pin size and pin female slot width appear the same. My bigger question is why 6 wires instead of 2 wires if it only a "automotive-quality breaker switch" ???? What is purpose of the other 4 wires. We need more info ... it is little hard for me to believe Fanatec would want to miss out on the sells opportunity to retro-fit older UHX models, Esports F1 and CS F1 Aluminum/Carbon rims. 🙄

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