DD1 Comp V2.5 - How?


I am using a BMW GT2 wheel with a DD1.

I am not getting the best feeling in asseto corsa and i would like to try Comp V2.5.

But i dont see where i can change to this mode anywhere...

Can someone help?



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    It's basically shown in the Quick Guide of your wheel which two buttons you need to push to change base modes.

    However, changing mode doesn't change anything regarding the feeling as it's 100% identical.

  • For my wheel the manual only shows PS3 mode or Ps4/PC Mode.

    Pc Mode is the same of Comp V2.5?

  • The button combination to change modes is the same to get into comp mode.

    And yes, pc and comp mode are 100% identical, only the usb string is changed to the game thinks that a CSW is connected to get old game working, that's it. No difference in performance.

  • thank you for your help

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