Upgraded from Clubsport 2.5 to DD1 and... very happy with no problems

I was a little sceptic with this upgrade regarding all DD1 problems on forums.

But i think is because we all post when having a problem, but when its all good we dont give feedback.

Ive talked with serveral happy users of DD1 bases, all of them with no problems.

I received the DD1, updated to 356 drivers, updated firmware from base and motor and all ok!

I race mostly in iracing, acc a rfactor.

Just want to give a positive feedback :)


  • Great to hear.

    Can you please post your DD1 settings and ACC settings??

    I can then try them.

    And what specification PC are you using??

  • Fellow DD1 owner for almost a year and I'm loving mine as well 🙌

    Hardware: DD1 w/ Porsche 918 RSR

    Driver: v356

    Wheel base firmware: 670

    Motor firmware: 38

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