DD1/High Torque Severe Oscillations

I was hoping to post a video of my V2 wheel leaping about, approx */- 120 degree and at finger snapping speed, above 20mph, but I can't.

All wheel and game settings are in accordance with this forum. I've even disconnected the Thrustmaster T3PA pedals in case it was interference from those.

Low torque is not as bad and drivable but the wheel is still trying to jump about and makes a steady, constant curve almost impossible.

Assetto Corsa Competizione is even worse and I took FFB down to 3%.

This can't be right??


  • Wheel settings?

    Game? Game settings?

    In general, DD wheels tend to oscillate because of higher FFB, to avoid you have NDP, NFR and NIN to play with as well as FanaLabs Dynamic Speed Damper.

  • Game - your F12019 settings from October 19:


    Wheel - from your F12019.rar file. I opened the F22019 pws and used the settings as Fanalab just crashes after it starts.

    ABS 101 ?? Set 98

    BRF - not fitted. Thrustmaster T3PA via USB

    DPR 0

    FEI 80

    FF 60

    FOR 100

    NDP 20

    NFR 0

    SEN 360

    SHO 0 Off

    SPR 0

    MPS 1

    APM - not fitted yet

    LIN 0 Off

    INT 10

    NIN 0

    Running on a Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 i5/8gb/Intel Iris Plus graphics. I disconnected the pedals, in case of interference, and just used the keyboard A and Z.

  • in F1 2019 its absolutely normal that the oscillated as soon as you take your hands off.

    Btw, ABS 101 in the pws file means OFF which is shown as 101 in the pws.

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    OK. I'll amend ABS. But don't think it will make any difference.

    These oscillations throw my hands off over 20mph!! I've posted a video on YouTube - https://youtu.be/ho8OQSHEjGg

  • As said, that's normal in that game and an issue in the FFB code of the game itself.

    Just do not put your hands off the wheel, which you shouldn't do in any Sim anyway. With your hands on the wheel you won't have Oscillations obviously.

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    Well, updated to 365/672/34.

    F1 2019 is completely undriveable at anything over 30-40 mph. Fanalabs doesn't run to assist either.

    Raised with tech support.

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    No need to get in touch with tech support as they are not responsible for those things and they cant help you but need to waste time...

    As I have said multiple times, it is NORMAL in that game to get oscillation on high FFB settings. Only way to partly prevent it is to set NDP, NFR and NIN very high but then you loose reaction time and FFB detail.

    Nothing else you or the tech support can do - it is what it is and you should contact Codemasters that they make a better FFB as its a game issue, not a hardware issue.

    But, as also said, just dont take your hands off the wheel then you also dont get osciallation and its perfectly driveable.

  • Well, I'm not on high settings and in my last "drive", haven't taken my hands of the wheel and the wheel base is still trying to oscillate like crazy - completely destroying any sensitive feel of grip as one has to grip really firmly. Which is what I thought was the whole point of DD??

    And Assetto Corsa Competizione is no better. Oscillates really badly from barely moving. Had to dial game FFB back to 3.

    My £200 Thustmaster T150 has better feel for grip than this kit!! It is just too slow to manoeuvre.

    And Fanalab won't run either - which could help.

  • You wrote in another post that your steering wheel had a strong self centering, does it have this when you are not in a game?

    Can you turn your steering wheel to one side and release it without it going back to the center?

  • > does it have this when you are not in a game?

    No. When switched on and not in a game, it has more resistance/stiffness than when switched off. Doesn't freely spin if given a shove.

  • Just been watching last weekends F1 2019 F2 race at Barcelona on YouTube. Norman Nato was often filmed and he is clearly using a Podium DD and V2 wheel.

    Absolutely no oscilation at all. After he won, he was shown hands off driving straight down the start/finish straight, and still doing a fair speed 80+ mph/130 kmh. Not a shimy by the wheel - it remained rock solid.

    Short video

    and his car can be seen hoofing down the straight.

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    He is using default settings, so FF35 with NDP 50, of course with a such a low FF and high NDP you don't get Oscillations (but you also don't get a nice strong and fast FFB...)

    As said multiple times, you have to raise your concerns to Codemasters as their FFB code is not the best out there and it's normal in that game to get Oscillations with a higher FF value!!! There is pretty much nothing you can do other than turning down FF.

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    Thanks and will raise with Codemasters.

    I assume that in high torque, the DD1 is too sophisticated for F1 2019 simplicity. I understand that low torque is about the same as CSW 2.5.

    In LT, it drives much better, but I still need to get more sensation back of loosing front grip.

    I might be better better off with a belt drive wheel like CSW, but although at the moment my interest is CM F1, I guess I have the performance should I go to another sim.

    Do you think a CSW 2.5 would be a better, smoother experience? But may reach limitations in better sims.

  • If the F1 game has FFB limitations, it is interesting that Fanatec are almost giving away F1 2020 with their new wheel!!

  • Hi Colin,

    Please check our recommended settings for F1 2019 (PC). They have been updated to be more suitable for the additional filters introduced with driver 352 and higher.

    You should not be getting severe oscillations with these settings, I just tested them. I don't believe you are experiencing a limitation of F1 2019's FFB. In fact, this game quite well optimised for low oscillation - using the in-game wheel damper is important.

    If you are still getting severe oscillations with these new settings, something else is wrong here.


    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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    Well, it is correct that with that recommended settings you indeed do not get oscillations, but the FFB feels quite horrible to be real honest.

    But its pretty much as I said earlier here, with a low FF value you dont get oscillations, but with higher FF then you WILL get oscillations, its not avoidable in this game, only by lowering FF which with a FF value of just 40 limits your Max Trq to just 8Nm on a DD1, in a F1 car however you can get much higher Peak Forces so you pretty much get in clipping territory very easy with FF40 which is the reason why I use FF 70 (on a DD2 which would be FF 88 on a DD1) with in game FF strength of 55 which gives me enough headroom. Immediately feels MUCH better, but well, thats personal preference but, in this specific case I dont like the recommended settings at all...

  • Just an update. Have now got a good gaming PC and it has transformed the DD1. Very smooth and can now play around with the settings again. Brilliant.

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