[Solved] Podium Button Module Endurance - Question concerning Xbox button layout

Denis BrownDenis Brown Member
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I got myself a used Rim with a Clubsport universal hub. Unfortunately only v1, but oh well, it should be good enough aside from the weird button layout when using it with the playstation.

Here is my question:

I thought about adding a (new) Podium Button Module Endurace for my PC racing ambitions. But I wonder: When I still want to use the wheel with my consoles, then I need 12 buttons in order to use all features. But the Podium Button Module only has 10 buttons (plus some switches and stuff).

And on top of that, the module has no Home Button for Xbox and PlayStation. I know that the Button module and the clubsport universal hub need to be combined in order to make it all work on xbox, but since the module is so big, there is no space for the Xbox Home Button.

How does that work?? I never found any picture with both parts combined. The shop site says "Xbox ready", though, so it must work some way.

thanks for your help


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