Frustration... Please help me

Frustration... :(

I visited the Reseller Center and tried to figure out the DD2 problem I had. However,

the cradle in the place was poor, so I felt a different FFB than when I was working at home.

I have to set the AS standard,

but I am so hard that I could not.

-Vibration and FFB are weaker than when the product is first purchased

-More game FFB settings compared to others

And the above two problems were solved by driver reinstallation, but now they are not.

It's okay to set it high, but I'm worried because the vibrations are weaker than before.

We will surely overcome Corona and return to our original life. Everybody cheer up.

P.s please answer if you know this issue at the head office. If it is a known problem, please let me know if it can be solved through software.


  • LoL. Are you sure that iusse is not caused by your stronger muscle? haha... Just kidding. I am not sure which firmware are you using now.

    Maybe you can downgrade your firmware of the base.

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