Disappointed with Shipping.

So back in August i purchased the CSL DD, i could only buy the 5nm version, two months later i managed to buy the Mclaren GT3 V2 wheel, i asked if it was possible to get them dispatched together, not possible. The wheel was dispatched and arrived yesterday.

Then i got paid a small work bonus and decided to get the Boost kit, i asked if that could be delivered with the wheel base, as it would be if i had ordered the CSL DD with booster pack. Again not possible even though the wheel base has not been dispatched yet.

Why is it that once an order has been paid for absolutely nothing can be changed?


  • Because its the same pretty much everywhere. You also cant change an Amazon order and add an item later. Its just not possible.

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    I think it is more of how their system works, in which you are not able to change an order once it is in their system.

    I have read that others had to cancel their order and re-order. That will save you €20, but you will lose out in terms of the refund exchange rates and have delivery dates moved to a later date?

    What is your availability date for your CSL DD? Current availability date is 9 Dec...

  • I buy august 24, and de Availability date is november 2, in 5 days but I not received any email

  • You will only receive an email only on 2 Nov thereabouts.

    I am in UK. My availability date was 8 Oct. Received email on 7 Oct. UPS got it on 8 Oct and I received my parcels on 19 Oct. Was stuck in a UPS warehouse in Germany for 6 days during that time.

  • Mine complete order has been floating at Nov 2 for weeks... until today :( Now for some magical reason the Mclaren wheel is like end of Nov..... what? ......how did it go from the base being the gating item to the wheel ..sigh... hope its a glitch...

  • Should be a glitch, as on the website, it is listed as available.

    Hang on, are you in the EU?

  • Same here, waiting on feedback from support to verify this exacts issue. I'm USA though.

  • I am in the US as well. Checking this morning all components appear available... but magically the wheel was pushed out a month? literally two days ago the only thing i was waiting on was the base. I will be interested to hear what you ae told....

  • Apparent disaster averted... just got the email that its being prepared. Must have been a stocking update needing to be pushed through. crossing fingers and hoping for the best :)

  • Wheel base was shipped and due to arrive 3rd Nov, booster pack shipped day after.

    My intended point here is absolutely zero flexibility, I work in distribution for a large electrical retailer and any customer can call and change whatever they want, time, date, can delay an order if second item is bought later and have both together.

    When your talking about adding a power pack to an order, and assuming it's all done from one location and would go in the same box as the wheel base, that to me is crazy.

  • As said, you also cant add an item to an existing Amazon order. It's just pretty normal that it's not possible to add something to an order.

  • Firstly this is not Amazon, second i was not asking to add anything to an existing order, i was asking for a power pack to be sent with the wheel base, which at that time had not been dispatched.

    As said above, i work in retail distribution and what i was asking is a regular occurrence in that business so is possible, so my opinion is not out of the ordinary.

  • You asked for a power pack to be sent with the wheel base. This is what I call "Adding an item to an existing order" which was never possible at Fanatec and also not on hundreds of other Retailers, not even the biggest ones like Amazon.

  • Possibly due to having to re-compute the shipping costs. Additional power pack would have increased the weight or volume of parcel or change some requirements within the system which is not amendable?

    Or just that the system has always been in place for so many years now, which does not allow for amendments to an existing order or there is no workflow/manpower to accommodate.

  • Amazon lets you schedule deliveries so they all arrive on the same day. It also provides an easy way to cancel unshipped orders so that they can be reordered with extra stuff to all arrive together. Suggesting Fanatec shipping is comparable to Amazon, whose strong point is logistics, isn't the wisest idea. Logistics is not Fanatec's strong point. Why even mention Amazon.

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    You can also cancel a Fanatec order at any time when it's not shipped yet to make a new order with all Extra stuff to be shipped together.

  • Know what's worse. If you order something in stock today. Won't be shipped for almost two weeks. Was told today. "Even though instock we are backed up on shipping csl dds."

  • Unfortunately we just have to adjust and get use to it. Order your Christmas presents now!!!

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