ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® 2020

Hi all,

Question to this wheel:

is there any significant difference to the formula v2 expect of the "open" design on the downside and that it is limited ?

Thinking of buying it, but if there are no significant improvements i dont think it is worth it...

Thank you in advance !



  • Did you read the webshop description?

    It has a very cool looking forged carbon finish. It comes with the all-new ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module (wort 100€) and the sticker set (worth 30€).

    So, yes there is a significant difference to the regular V2 wheel (spring based shifter vs magnetic shifter and much cooler look).

  • Hi Maurice,

    Yeah i read that. My question was more about technical stuff, since i do have the advanced paddle module this only technical benefit won't be for me...

    Sticker and cool looking may be one point of view, but imo may not be worth spend 450 Euros ;)

    So my question:

    Is there any technical advantage ? dont know like better compatibility, or better response and so on...

  • Technically they are the same.

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