How do I get latest firmware on my new wheel ?


My new CSL DD came today.

I have the wheel and a PC.

I have no idea what to do, or what I'm doing. I don't know how to use a PC.

Can somebody tell me exactly what I need to do and how to do it so I can update the CSL drivers as per the instructions. I do not have any Fanatec downloads installed currently.

Thank you.


  • Scrub the above, turns out my laptop is a chromebook on Linux, so I can't update my drivers!

    Guess I just bought a CSL DD 'brick paper weight' :-(

  • I’m a bit confused, did you want to use it for xbox or pc? Or did you just make a pretty major purchase without any research

  • I made a purchase without any research, I want to use it for an Xbox S.

    I knew the base needed updating, I have a mate that can do that for me.

    I didn't know the wheel would have all of its adjustments on Fanalab and each game has it's best settings so needing a PC all the time.

    I thought it was an update and go sort of deal, I didn't know I needed a PC all the time.

    I guess I'll just have to go and buy a cheap Laptop.

    Can anybody tell me what windows as a minimum I'll need (windows 10??)


  • Yes, W10 or W11 is required. No W7 support.

  • Thank you :-)

    I'll go and buy a cheap Windows 10 LT.

    Just one more question if I may.

    Q. I assume I have to use the LT to tweak the settings of the wheel every time via Fanalab ? ie, there is no consol adjustment that can be made once the latest drivers are installed?

  • If running on a console, you won't have access to Fanalab, since it needs to run in the background while using your wheel and that's obviously not possible on a console.

    However, you absolutely do NOT need to go use a PC to change FFB settings for each game you play. Through the wheel, you can change and store up to 5 different presets in the base itself. (And if you need to save more than 5, there's always the old school method of writing them down on a piece of paper and dialing them in before launching whatever game you're playing!)

    So, yes you need a PC to download and install the latest firmware once you have the wheel in your possession, but beyond that, no. So I'd say if you've got a friend who can help you install what you need initially, save your money.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Robert,

    Only wheels using the Podium Hub (and no Button Module Endurance) have no direct Tuning Menu access. Every other wheel has a Tuning Menu button, display, and directional stick/pad, meaning that you can change all Tuning Menu parameters on the wheel itself, and you don't have to use FanaLab. It is important to have Tuning Menu access on the wheel when using a console, because FanaLab only works on PC.

    As you have purchased the hardware for Xbox, I assume you have purchased an Xbox-licensed steering wheel (not a Podium Hub), and therefore you should have this functionality.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • That's absolutely fantastic !


    Then it looks like I'll be racing as soon as my mate gets home from work :-)

    I've just finished adjusting my rig for the CSL DD, so it's now all set and ready .

    Again, thank you :-)

  • Spend a little time researching the best settings for the game(s) you're planning to play. Every game is a little different and there's also in-game settings you need to adjust. Print out a little cheat-sheet with all the setting acronyms explained.

    Having recently made the leap to Fanatec myself, I was a little overwhelmed with how much this was NOT plug-and-play. I get it now, but as someone who's been playing racing games since the 80's I was surprised to feel like a newbie. Use the settings you find for your game, then use the cheat sheet to tweak to what works for you. Be patient and enjoy.

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