Violant rotating CSL DD in Pcars1


I got my new CSL DD Boost up and running and now fine tuning it, not too sure what I am doing, but getting there.

I am now trying to match it to PCars1. I am having two problems.

Problem 1, when the car has stopped, the wheel violently swings to full lock and violently rotates back and forth, this will not stop until the car starts to drive off.

Problem 2, I cannot get the brakes to work properly, all or nothing. I may have solved this issue though by fixing the brake force value to 40 in AC. I am hoping that now the brakes are matched in AC, the 40 value will carry over to PCars and I'll be able to set them up correctly in the travel settings ???

Any help you can give will greatly help me as I'm not too good at this, thank you.


  • PCars and CSL DD do NOT work well together out of the box. Definitely do not use Fanatec's published settings, they are awful. You will have to play with the settings on the wheel and in the game to find combo that works for you.

  • Fanatec did not even provided recommended settings for pCars 1 so dont know what you used but nothing coming directly from Fanatec...

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    The brakes are OK now by just setting them up on the wheel as I'd hoped.

    The steering issue is only an issue when the car has stopped and only if you move from the 12 o'clock position, so I will live with it. I'll buy Pcars2 once I see it on sale.

    The problem is I like some of the tracks and cars on Pcars and would like to keep racing them :-)


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