Having to remap buttons every time after powering on the base/restarting computer.


I own a CSL DD base and McLaren GT3 v2 wheel, and every time i start my pc and base up i have to remap some buttons in game. I am always picking preloaded mclaren wheel setup in the game and change it to my liking then save it as my own profile and the day after when i start up the game buttons are mapped to something else or not mapped at all. So i have to delete the profile i made, enable mclaren profile setup in game and remap the buttons, save it asa my own profile again and so on...

Anyone experiences this issue?


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    That sounds very much like an in game bug that is not saving your profile correctly

  • What game? Maybe an issue of the base being in PC mode instead of CMP mode and not being recognized as a result.

  • F1 2021.

    Noticet that T-LCM pedals have 2 buttons mapped that are usually not working after restarting pc/base, maybe that causes this problem.

    Also when i map new profile in f1, it maps both pedals and base/wheel in one setting and after resetting/restarting it comes back as separate... Must be it... Other games are working fine

  • CSL DD. McLaren GT3 v2.

    I have also the same problem. Buttons are always different. (Does not matter if the wheel is in PC mode or CSW mode.)

    1. And there aren't buttons numbered 7 and 8 so I can't play this game only with the wheel.
    2. The game does not allow me to map some buttons.
    3. I don't know what to do. The game is unplayable.

    Why Fanatec does not have some utility where you can map buttons on the wheel however you want? You can do this even with Logitech LG Hub...

  • Yea, i think its the pedals. they have button 7 and 8 mapped in their profile and theres no way to unmap them.

    Same problem with button 7,8 normally working as right and left stick click, changing options in menu, and then in my profile working as drs and overtake mode in race.

    Already few times in a race that i forgot to set up new button layout, went racing anc couldnt pick car setup and overtake mode not working. Bit frustrating

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