Cancelling order delay

Hello, I'ordered the new Formula 2020 wheel with the XBOX version of the F1 game as it was out of stock when I did that on May 14.

On May 15 the PC version of the game was again available and I asked the sales support to change the game platform, but they told me that orders could not be changed and that I had to cancel and resubmit another one.

I did the cancellation a few hours ago and provided the explanation above when required, but it's still not fully cancelled and in "waiting for clarification" status. I cannot resubmit a new order with the F1 game because the order system says I have already ordered a copy and there is a limit of one per I'm stuck with the available units going down every hour.

If there is anyone from Fanatec support here, how can I get out of this mess and make sure I can buy a Formula 2020 wheel wheel with the F1 2020 game for PC ?



  • You will have to wait until after the weekend for the cancellation to be processed.

  • That was my concern, while in the meantime the available units were going down.

    So I placed another other w/o the game to be sure I get at least the wheel. If Monday the original order with the XBOX game will be finally cancelled and there is still a Formula 2020 wheel available I will place again an order with the PC version of the game and cancel the second one.

    I'm not pleased of creating and cancelling orders, but if Fanatec doesn't have a minimum flexibility in their order system I cannot do otherwise.


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