Forza Horizon 5 - CSL DD Settings?

Hi all, with the launch of Forza Horizon 5 this weekend and this being the first Forza game released since the CSL DD has been around, has anyway gotten any preferred settings for the game yet? I am trying to dial-in the Tuning Menu and the in-game settings as well for the best experience.


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    CSL DD (CompMode)


    SEN 900

    FF 100

    FFS Peak

    NDP 20

    NFR 6

    NIN 0

    INT 2

    FEI 100

    FOR 100

    SPR 100

    DPR 100



    BRF 65


    Steering: Simulation Mode

    Deadzones - Default

    VS - 0.4

    FFS - 1.0

    CSS - 1.0

    WDS - 0.4

    MTS - 1.0

    FFMF - 0.7

    FFLS - 1.1

    RFS - 1.2

    ORFS - 0.9

    SS - 0.5

  • We still need to use Compatability mode?

    Was hoping a brand new game would support the CSL DD in its native PC mode.

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Unfortunately for now until they hot fix the proper implementation of the Fanatec wheels.

  • Hi, did you experience any lag with your wheel? I tried my csl DD with the formula v2 and universal hub but in both cases there is half a second delay between me steering and the game output...

  • Forza Horizon 5: no se reconoce dentro de juego el volante fanatec v2.5 base

  • Do you have the boost kit or not.

    I think we should add if the settings are for the 5nm or 8nm CSL DD. I have the boost kit, I would think most people would buy the kit.

  • I posted those settings in a different thread, maybe here they would have been better. I have a Podium DD1, so maybe for the CSL DD the FFB in the wheelbase needs be set a bit higher. In my opinion the Force Feedback Load Sensitivity setting messes up the feel of the wheel, it drasticly ramps up the centering force in an unrealistic way even at low speeds when the car is rolling.

    I also ramped down the road and offroad feel, I just think that those hard shocks against the wheel are unrealistic. Okay, maybe in a Offroad Race Truck while jumping but I have never driven one of those in RL. But "normal" driving on roads leads to a very subtle vibration of the wheel even ob cobblestone and as long as you dont hit curbs you wont feel much, especially in roadcars.

    I have an BMW M340i in rl and had an Audi S3 before. My ultimate goal is to try to emulate the steering wheel feel of those, I managed to do that in Forza 7, but in FH5 I am still off. My game constantly crashes so testing and tuning the wheel is a real pain. I think I will have to wait for a patch that fixes the crash issues with fanatec wheels

    My IG settings are:

    • FFB Scale 1.0
    • Center Spring Scale 0.2
    • Wheel Damper Scale 0.2
    • FFB Mecanical Trail Scale 1.0
    • Force Feedback Minimum Force 0.6 - 0.7 (depends if you want a more heavier feel and more reaction from the Sensitivity setting)
    • Force Feedback Load Sensitivity 0.5
    • Road Feel 0.5
    • Offroad Feel 0.1
    • Steering Sensitivity Default

    Podium DD Settings are:

    • FFB 40
    • Sensitivity Auto (I am not sure if this works. Otherwise set to degree you want)
    • FFS PEAK
    • NDP 20
    • NFR 0 (you could raise to stop wobble in center position)
    • NIN 0
    • INT 3
    • FEI 100
    • FOR 100
    • Rest as you like. I always use 100 BRF and calibrate manual.

  • Sensitivity works 100% , maybe fine tune yours

  • Forza horizon 5 is sad, can’t use Fanatec handbrake :(

  • Gregg DomainGregg Domain Member
    edited December 2021

    There was an approximately 12GB patch for FH5 yesterday (December 3)...I didn't see anything in the patch notes for PC specifically regarding Fanatec wheels.

    Does anyone know whether or not the patch addresses the instability/crashing issues that have been prevalent since launch and if the game will now be stable and playable, specifically with a CSL DD?

  • Sadly it doesn't fix crashing for me and it's still listed on the known issues page.

    But you can still use the old driver that's what's fixed the crashing for me, not even a single crash with the old driver.

  • Ok thanks for the reply. I'll stick with a controller for now. I'm not rolling back to 2 year old drivers just for one game.

  • A bit off topic... Can't play the game on PC with the crashing and like others I refuse to load an ancient driver just to use it. Looks pretty good and plays very well on the series X so I'm using that for now until they get the PC situation sorted. Problem I'm getting quite a bit of jolt in heavy corners where there's a lot of torque on the wheel. happens so regularly kind of gotten used to it, but still kind of frustrating. is this normal, have others experienced this? I don't think I'm getting this when I play on PC for the 5 minutes before it crashes. seems to be only on the series x using a McLaren v2 wheel with metal qr1 mount. I could try one of my other Wheels...

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