Thrustmaster T-LCM

I have fanatec csl elite wheelbase, playing on xbox series s.

Are thrustmaster t-lcm pedals compatible without any drivehub ?

Is it possible to plug fanatec wheel and thrustmaster pedals to separate USB ports ? Would it work?


  • I use the CSL DD withz T-LCM pedals. Both on separate USB ports. I also use the calibration software from TM for the pedals. I set the Fanatec Driver software on "No" for pedals.

    Works very well. In some sims, AMS2 i.e., you need to unplug the pedals, calibrate your Fanatec wheel and then plug in the pedals again for the sim to recognize them.

    Works well for me. I recommend also Fanalab App to do the Wheel/Base settings.

  • Thanks for your input.

    Are you playing on Xbox or PC ?


  • I think your best (possibly only) bet, being that you're on console, is to use a Drivehub. I don't believe Xbox will recognize and allow you to use separate USB ports for the wheel and pedals.

  • Xbox won't recognize the pedals separately without them being plugged into a Thrustmaster base. You will have to use either a Thrustmaster base or Fanatec pedals. The pedals will need to be plugged into the wheel base for them to work on the Xbox or PS.

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