Joystick and mouse emulation


I would love to use the wheel Joystick which is on the left side to look around in game (Assetto Corsa, ACC) but I'm not able to map it to anything and the game doesn't recognize it.

If I activate the mouse emulation the mouse pointer goes to the bottom left of the screen and it doesn't move anymore so is useless.

Is there any instruction on how to take advantage of the Joystick somehow? I did some research and nothing came out.




  • Wheel base? Wheel? Driver? Firmware?......

  • Mine was a generic question on how to use the Joystick in games, as I could not find any instructions.

    As for the issue raised, I'm using a DD1 and a Formula Wheel V2, all updated with driver 353 included in the BME Software Package 1.1 and corresponding firmware versions included there. Obviously on PC platform.



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    Having the exact same issue, But now I can’t turn it off.

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