F1 2 pedal V3 option

I only race F1 cars. Hope Fanatec offers a 2 pedal version of the V3 pedals or an oem kit to convert instead of the 3D printed kits.


  • Your best Choice would be to sell the V3 and buy CSL Pedals or CSL Elite Pedals. Very sure there wont be a 2 pedal set of ClubSport pedals.

  • Fanatec should release a 2 and 3 pedal “Podium” set. They are completely missing the high end pedal market with their current offerings yet call themselves a high end sim product company. I’ went with the HE Ultimate + 2 pedal set. Now that I’m leaving the Fanatec ecosystem I am going with the Simucube 2 pro over the dd2 for my base upgrade. Kinda hurts. Been Fanatec for 10 years.

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