Wheel base settings for xbox

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I learned that every game requires specific settings on a wheel base. I also learned how to setup the settings under a PC. However I want to use them under the Xbox Series X. Once set are the settings stored in the wheel base? Meaning that I configure the settings on the PC and than switch it to the Xbox?

Hope my question makes sense…



  • If you have stored the setting in one of the profiles that the base allows you to keep in memory and choose from the wheel (depending on the wheel) this particular profile then should be ok.

  • All you need to use a PC for is the initial updating of firmware for your base/wheel/pedals/etc. You don't need to use a PC to configure any FFB settings. You can do that all through the buttons and screen on the wheel itself, once the wheel is powered up and connected to your Xbox.

    Using the wheel's interface, you select which "settings slot" you want to configure for the game you're about to play. Configure your desired settings, then go play your game. Those settings will remain unchanged in that "slot" until you manually change them again yourself. Want to play a different game with different settings? Switch to a different slot first, configure things how you want, and off you go. Very simple.

  • Thanks for the responses! Cannot wait to get my CSL DD - availability date = Nov 12th :-)

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