CSL DD - Fingers Crossed

Reading everyone else's complaints about availability and shipping. It sucks more when you are waiting on other items in the order. the availability date on the Universal Hub has changed I think twice on my order.

Ordered June 8th. 2nd wave. 5 months ago.

Fingers crossed it ships in the next few days.

Not sure I want to wait any more if it changes again.


  • That is tomorrow? You have already waited for 5 months...

    I did not order that many items. Ordered 1 day after you and got it mid Oct. I really like it. Feels so good and still tweaking it whenever I can to see if I can make it better. Love it!!!

  • Good news. I got my invoice and notification that my order is being prepared at the warehouse. WOOT!

  • Cool to hear - after receiving this email it took approx. 24 hours till I received a delivery time slot by UPS. I am based in Germany though.

  • Thanks for the info. I expect a day or two before I get shipping information. after this long, I'm not too impatient. But very happy to see progress.

    Now, I have to deal with anticipation. 😁

  • I got my e-mail on the 10th that my order changed to "warehouse processing". Once it has left the warehouse, my tracking number will be visible on the account in the order status. Now the order on the website states "The order has been processed". I am in the U.S. and ordered back in July. First four digits of my order are 1298. Like many others I was waiting on the universal hub that was not available until the 10th. I keep checking and refreshing and logging back in and don't see any changes. I am wondering if anyone else in the US that got the e-mail on the 10th have seen updates yet with shipping information. My old wheel died 5 months ago and I have been disinterested with an old Logitech Driving Force that feels like a "Fisher Price" toy wheel. I am wondering if this is going to show up before I have a shipping notification. Anticipation is killing me. Cheers.

  • I just got my notice of shipping from FedEx and tracking numbers today. Tracking shows coming from California. I am in Michigan, and should be here on Friday the 19th.

    For reference, my Order number started with 1281###. Ordered June 8th, 6:30am Eastern Time.

  • I'm order 1282 and 1292 and still waiting for a shipping tracking..... both mine processed on the 10th and I ordered on June 8th and June 26th. I am hoping at least my first order goes out later today, as I'm seriously frustrated at this point. But seeing someone else who has a similar number getting a tracking number at least gives me hope I will receive before Thanksgiving.

  • ** update ** My account doesn't show a change but I have 2 shipments from Suddath Global showing on FedEx and looks like it will deliver on 18th. Finally the relief is maximum as my rig will be here on Wednesday and this will allow me to assemble everything this weekend.

  • Sweet! good to hear. My delivery date got moved to Saturday by end of day. California to Michigan is a pretty long drive.

    Post a pic when you get it done. I'll do the same.

    My GTOmega Prime will look better than with the Logitech on it. :-D

  • I was greedily hoping that my shipping from California to California (just one county over) would be fast. I am still waiting for tracking confirmation. To quote the great Tom Petty "The waiting is the hardest part."

  • Jacob SimmonsJacob Simmons Member
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    Seems like the ones who ordered the hub kind of gets punished since they wont split. Does a customer who orderes one thing get moved ahead of you? I ordered mine on Aug 30th knowing the hub was coming available on Nov 10. On the 10th I got the email that it is in warehouse processing. I thought it would ship in a day or two but it is the 18th and no movement.

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