Project Cars 2 Can't Calibrate Wheel

Have the CSL DD with the McLaren wheel and the steering doesn't work. The game wants to assign let/right to x axis and will not let me assign it to actual wheel. So can't do any wheel calibration as it doesn't recognize it when I turn the wheel.

Pressing the throttle is actually the x-axis.

Have tried multiple wheel types including custom, but nothing is working. Wheel works perfectly fine in Assetto Corsa.

Any ideas?


  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Doug, have you tried Compatibility Mode (yellow power LED)?

  • Hi, I have exactly the same problem. It wont let me calibrate the wheel, as it hasn't got an assignment, due to me moving the x axis to the Throttle.

    Trying to set the wheel left and right configurations, doesn't pick up the wheel being turned, and so cant set the assignments, and thus cant calibrate.

    Whats strange is that in Automobilista, it had the same problem, but somehow went away, and shows both the wheel and pedals on the X axis?

    My old Logitech 923 had no such issues, so I'm very disappointed that I can even ply one of my fav games with all this expensice hardware?

    Any ideas?

  • Try to delete "default.controllersettings.v1.03.sav".

    C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Project CARS 2\savegame\52568434\project cars 2\profiles

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    Hi. Any solution to this?

    I have exactly the same problem with CSL Elite with the McLaren wheel and Clubsport v3 pedals. The game assigns let/right to x axis and the throttle the x-axis.

    I have deleted default.controllersettings.v1.03.sav but still the same. Latest drivers all installed.

  • Has anyone had success here? I have the exact same problem - USED to work - now doesn't - only real thing I can think of is a firmware update has messed it all up from Fanatec?

    Please someone HELP!

  • I had the same issue: do you use Steam?

    If yes just disable the damned steam input in the steam controller. Open steam, library, select the game, managment (the gear icon on the right), proprieties, controllers), then to reset your controller delete the file default.controllersettings.v1.03.sav: you can find it in your documents folder Documents\Project CARS 2\savegame\Some numbers will be here\project cars 2\profiles. open the game, go to the controllers config options, select personalized wheel and everything should work, now.

    If not delete again the file default.controllersettings.v1.03.sav and set your DD in compatibility mode (yellow light), and in the controller option in the game select fanatec, CSW 2.5.

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